Introduction of The Architectures of The World Coin Series

Introduction of The Architectures of The World Coin Series

The inaugural release of the Architectures of The World Coin series by the Royal Canadian Mint is announced: The Rock of Monaco - a pure silver coin. This series pays homage to the world's most renowned landmarks, commencing with the iconic Heart of Monaco, adding to the allure of Modern Numismatic Coins, enriching collections with its exquisite craftsmanship and historical significance.

The Rock of Monaco 2 oz silver coin 2024, produced by CIT Coin Invest AG, issued by Cook Islands and limited to 750 pieces!

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On the reverse side of the coin, a stunning depiction of the Rock of Monaco unfolds, showcasing the Prince’s Palace and the charming streets of the Old Town. Through the utilization of smartminting® Ultra High Relief and a concave coin shape, the historic rock formation dramatically emerges from the depths of the Mediterranean waters, creating a mesmerizing sight. The obverse side presents an inviting view of the harbor, enticing onlookers to explore its shores. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the elements closest to the viewer stand out in the highest relief, while the distant rooftops engraved on the concave surface below are depicted with a lower relief height, imparting a sense of depth and perspective to the scene.

The Rock of Monaco silver coin is available for purchase at Parthava Coin, an authorized distributor of The Royal Canadian Mint. Link for purchase: THE ROCK OF MONACO The Architectures Of The World 2 Oz Silver Coin $10 Cook Islands 2024


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