About us

Parthava Coin's Story



Founded in Canada, Parthava Coin is an online store that strives to provide high-quality coins to all collectors and coin lovers around the world. Parthava Coin is an official distributor of Royal Canadian Mint, CIT Coin Invest, MDM wholesale, and other reputable manufactures in the world. Our team is made up of passionate numismatic experts and enthusiasts, and we are here to share our love for modern coins and the community.

What we do & Why we do it?

Parthava Coin provides the highest quality collectible coins from reputable Mints around the world. But that's not all! We also create the most unique coins using innovative technologies in the Modern Numismatic industry.

Parthava Coin's goal is to introduce the art of collecting modern numismatics around the world. We are excited to welcome and help new collectors through this unique experience.

Project Development

Parthava Coin is working on creating high quality and detailed coins as part of a grand project that aims to shine a light on the modern numismatic world. Through collaboration with a renowned artist, we are working to create unique and innovative pieces that share messages on important topics. Our partnership with an industry leader allow us to create our coins with cutting-edge technologies, helping us fulfill our promise to deliver the finest products to our customers.

Become a distributer

As part of a grand development project, Parthava Coin is planning on creating opportunities for coin dealers to distribute our coins to new and existing markets around the world. If you are interested in becoming a distributer, please contact us today for more information.