JAGUAR Day and Night 3 Oz Silver Coin - PARTHAVA COIN

JAGUAR Day and Night 3 Oz Silver Coin

Watch out for this majestic big cat!

Introducing Parthava Coin Project: We are excited to announce our new coin in collaboration with CIT Coin Invest AGa  revolutionary endeavor that will change the collector’s world. With a unique combination of cutting-edge technology, innovative ideas, and creative design, this coin is sure to make a lasting impact.

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The JAGUAR is the first issue of the Day & Night Series. This one-of-a-kind coin features a unique combination of an obsidian black and colored finish, plus ultra-high relief technique, making it a truly unique collector's item. With only a limited number available, don't miss out on the chance to
own this one-of-a-kind coin!


The JAGUAR is a large cat native to Central and South America with an unmistakable coat ofrosettes or spots and a powerful build. It's one of the largest cats in the world, weighing upto250 pounds! The jaguar has excellent eyesight which allows them hunt at night for their prey–mainly deer but also fish, tapirs, birds and even reptiles like caimans. They are also knownforbeing strong swimmers who love water – something not many other big cats do! Jaguars havebeen around since prehistoric times; they were even worshipped by some ancient cultures asgods due its strength and beauty.


During the day, objects can appear bright and vibrant, with clear and distinct shapes. Conversely, at night, objects can appear dark and muted, with their outlines blurred andobscured by the darkness. In either case, the contrast between the light and dark can createastriking visual effect, emphasizing the intricate details of the objects. Day & Night is a series of beautiful coins that captures the beauty of Day and Night, throughtheir unique and visually stunning technique and images. The first issue of this magnificentseries is dedicated to the JAGUAR.