Unveiling Darkness: STANLEY Most Haunted Places 2 Oz Silver Coin

Unveiling Darkness: STANLEY Most Haunted Places 2 Oz Silver Coin - PARTHAVA COIN

The STANLEY Most Haunted Places 2 Oz Silver Coin delves into the eerie history of the iconic Stanley Hotel in Estes Valley, Colorado. Once a grand testament to opulence, the hotel's fate took a mysterious turn, leading to its connection with Stephen King's infamous nightmare and the creation of "The Shining." In this blog post, we'll explore the haunted legacy of the Stanley Hotel encapsulated in this silver coin, enhanced by the revolutionary Smartminting® technology that brings an extra layer of depth to its design.

A Haunting Tale: The Stanley Hotel's Dark Past

Founded in 1909 by inventor Freelan Oscar Stanley, the Stanley Hotel initially captured hearts with its grandeur and picturesque surroundings. However, by the 1970s, the hotel had fallen into disrepair. The turning point came when Stephen King, staying in room 217, experienced a chilling nightmare that inspired his iconic novel, "The Shining." This paranormal connection is just one of the eerie incidents reported at the hotel, particularly in room 217.

Crafting Darkness: The STANLEY Most Haunted Places Coin

This 2 oz silver coin not only commemorates the haunted history of the Stanley Hotel but also employs the cutting-edge Smartminting® technology, taking numismatic craftsmanship to new heights. With an ultra-high relief of 50 mm, this black proof coin captures the essence of the hotel's ghostly tales in unparalleled detail.

Smartminting®: Elevating Numismatic Excellence

Developed by CIT in 2016, Smartminting® redefines modern numismatics. This revolutionary technique, showcased at the World Money Fair 2020, enables coins to achieve dramatic relief heights and intricate details without the need for additional material. The hauntingly impressive relief of the antique finish Skull No1 coin attests to this technology's capabilities.

Impressive, Huge, Lightweight: The Threefold Advantages

Smartminting® goes beyond conventional coinage limitations. It facilitates coins with increased surface area, supersized coins with delicate relief, and lightweight crown size coins, making numismatic art more accessible. The STANLEY Most Haunted Places Coin, a prime example of this innovation, ensures collectors enjoy the same diameter and relief at a more affordable price.

Where Darkness Meets Design

The STANLEY Most Haunted Places 2 Oz Silver Coin not only pays homage to the haunted legacy of the Stanley Hotel but also stands as a testament to the advancements in numismatic craftsmanship. Smartminting® adds an extra layer of intrigue to this coin, creating a tangible piece of history that captures the ghostly tales of room 217 and the hotel's mysterious past. As you hold this coin, you're not just holding silver; you're holding a haunting narrative, etched in silver by the masterful artistry of modern coinage.

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