Revolutionaries: Mother Teresa - PARTHAVA COIN

Revolutionaries: Mother Teresa

 A 1 Oz Silver coin dedicated to the “Angel of Mercy”, a woman who helped a lot of poor people - Mother Teresa.
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Mother Teresa, the Angel of Mercy, was called a “living saint” because
she spent her whole life helping those who had nowhere to go and no one
to turn to. Wherever she went Mother Teresa never turned away from
difficult or unpleasant situations and always saw to the needs of the
poorest of the poor, the homeless, the sick and the dying people. Teresa
received a number of honors, including the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize.
She was canonized on September 4th, 2016.

This 1 oz silver proof pays tribute to her legacy and depicts Mother Teresa wearing her famous white and blue sari. The combination of high relief and color application makes her really come alive on this stunning coin.