Lets Talk About Smartminting®

Lets Talk About Smartminting® - PARTHAVA COIN

What is Smartminting®?

The act of coin collecting is truly dependent on the pleasure gained by the work of art that appears on our coin’s surfaces. It’s a unique and revolutionary form of art that progresses with technology like smartminting®.
Smartminting® is a technology developed by CIT in 2016, to be used to further enhance the appearance and finish of coins. It has made a revolutionary impact in the numismatic field and will continue to do so as it undergoes continuous improvements to deliver the highest quality coins possible.
Smartminting® brings many advantages to the coins, in terms of their size, weight, proof, and finish of the final product. This technology allows for an ultra-high relief on both sides of the coin and near the edge, essentially covering the whole coin. The coins still maintain their proof finish, with 100% higher relief compared to the first generation of smartminting® coins.

This technology also allows for designers to obtain their designs without requiring additional raw material. This allows the coins to be kept lightweight, with the same diameter, without sacrificing on any critical material. Smartminting® also allows for use of more materials such as palladium/platin, copper, and gold to deliver new possibilities of art.

 Smartminting® technology has created a new era of coins, and has made collecting them just the more exciting!

For more information please refer to CIT website.



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