Soaring Heights: The Majestic Saker Falcon in "Wild Mongolia" Series

Soaring Heights: The Majestic Saker Falcon in "Wild Mongolia" Series

The breathtaking landscapes of Mongolia come alive in the fourth installment of the captivating "Wild Mongolia" series, where the spotlight turns to the skies and the nation's revered symbol—the Saker Falcon. With its sharp talons and majestic presence, this bird of prey, steeped in nomadic tradition, takes center stage in two exceptional editions: the elegant Black Proof and the striking copper.

In the Skies with the Saker Falcon: A Nomadic Legacy

The Saker Falcon, Mongolia's national bird, is not just a creature of the skies but a symbol deeply rooted in the nomadic history of the steppes. Renowned for its prowess in falconry, this magnificent bird with a hooked beak has been a companion to nomadic tribes for thousands of years. The "Wild Mongolia" series pays homage to this tradition, celebrating the enduring bond between the nomads and their majestic feathered companions.

Expanding the Horizon: Black Proof and Copper Editions

Building on the success of previous releases, the series reaches new heights with two remarkable editions: the alluring Black Proof, showcasing the Falcon in a refined black finish, and the striking copper edition, offering collectors a unique perspective on this regal bird. Each edition is a testament to the series' commitment to excellence and diversity.

Smartminting®: Pushing Boundaries in Numismatics

The Saker Falcon takes flight with unparalleled detail and relief heights, thanks to the revolutionary Smartminting® technology. Developed by CIT in 2016, Smartminting® has redefined modern numismatics. The enhanced relief and intricate details, showcased in coins like the antique finish Skull No1, prove the transformative power of this technology. Whether in proof, antique, or colored finishes, Smartminting® consistently delivers coins of exceptional quality.

A Whole New World of Opportunities: Smartminting® Unleashed

Smartminting® is not just a technique; it's a gateway to endless possibilities. It allows coins to reach dramatic relief heights without requiring additional material. From standard-sized coins to supersized marvels like the 100 mm 90th Birthday QEII, Smartminting® brings a delicate, detail-rich relief to a vast canvas. The technology is not just about size; it's about accessibility. Crown size coins become more attainable, as exemplified by the lightweight yet intricate 8-gram version of The Great Tea Race coin.

Conclusion: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

In the "Wild Mongolia" series, tradition and innovation converge to create numismatic masterpieces. The Saker Falcon, embodying the spirit of Mongolia, soars to new heights, and Smartminting® technology ensures that every detail is captured with precision. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of coins, the "Wild Mongolia" series promises an exhilarating journey through culture, nature, and the artistry of modern coin design.

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