Trapped – Escape 1 Oz Silver Coin

Trapped – Escape 1 Oz Silver Coin - PARTHAVA COIN

ESCAPE Trapped 1 Oz Silver Coin is the latest addition to the Trapped series, and it has become a popular collector’s item due to its unique design and antique finish. The coin features a beautiful reticular design with three-dimensional features, thanks to the Smartminting technology. It also comes in a case with the Certificate of Authenticity, making it an attractive addition to any collection.

Throughout the previous 4 issues the story of a captive trying to flee the dungeons of a dreadful creature was revealed. At last, the doomed one managed to get rid of his ropes and escaped to freedom, much to the horror of the vampiress. Yet we cannot be sure whether the one abducted has been bitten already and now transforms into an eternal undead himself, or whether he has escaped unharmed one last time … 

The Trapped series is a popular choice among coin collectors due to its intricate design and the story behind it. The series started in 2019 and Escaped is the last issue in the series. The previous issue Untrapped shows the captive trying to escape the trap set by the dreadful creature. Due to its unique design and story it is among the most sough after collectibles in the Modern Numismatic market. Each coin in the series is inspired by a different mythical creature, and the ESCAPE Trapped 1 Oz Silver Coin is no exception. It tells the story of someone trying desperately to escape from a situation, and the design captures that feeling of desperation perfectly. The previous issues are all sold-out and hard to find.

Due to high demand extremally low mintage of only 999 worldwide, we have limited the quantity to two per customers to make sure everyone get to enjoy this beautiful coin. 

Escape Trapped Silver Coin

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