Dot Art: Egypt Pyramid - PARTHAVA COIN

Dot Art: Egypt Pyramid

A mesmerizing Dot Art coin with Egyptian theme!

The ‘Egypt Pyramid’ coin is the third issue in the ‘Dot Art’ series. Using the enhanced Smartminting©️ technology the original dot art painting is turned into 3D and struck in silver. The coin has a black proof finish and is partly colored.

Ancient Egypt knows many symbols and imagery. Many know the ancient Pyramids which the ancient Egyptians built to honour their dead Pharaohs. Beyond this there are other symbols as well, like the eye of Horus and the Ankh symbol.

The eye of Horus represents health and protection. It represents the ancient Egyptian sky deity, Horus. Many ancient Egyptian documentations indicate that Horus’s right eye represented the sun and his left the moon. Then the Ankh symbol, also referred to as the key to life was often used in ancient Egyptian writing as a symbol for life.